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Anchors and Static Lines

Roof Anchors Points And Static Line Systems In Melbourne

Upgrade your roof safety with fully compliant AS/NZS 1891 and AS/NZS 5532 anchor points and static lines installed by the professionals at Advanced Roof Safety. All installations take into account the particular requirements for the safe access for maintenance. We provide business owners in Melbourne and throughout Victoria with personalised, outstanding, and compliant advice, assessments and installations.

With our static line systems, Melbourne customers can be confident they are investing in high-quality equipment that will help to reduce the risks of falls and injuries when working on elevated platforms and areas.

When working from heights the risk of injury or death is dramatically increased due to the potential of a fall from heights. To prevent this from occurring Advanced Roof Safety proudly offers renowned and high-quality safety roof anchor points and static line systems from Sayfa and other major suppliers. Melbourne businesses can trust Advanced Roof Safety to improve their employee’s safety when working or traversing at heights.

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Fall Arrest Roof Anchors Melbourne

Fixed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, our fall arrest roof anchors help Melbourne workers accessing hazardous locations remain safe. Strictly adhering to current OH & S codes and regulations, Advanced Roof Safety offers a range of fall arrest and abseil anchor points for various roof structures.

Drawing on years of in-depth training, knowledge, and experience the team at Advanced Roof Safety can provide our clients with reliable, reputable, and competitively-priced fall prevention products and solutions. These roof anchors are also available as part of a complete fall arrest system.

Multipurpose Fall Arrest Harness

A multipurpose fall arrest harness is one of the most practical and important pieces of equipment to provide for your crew. Safety harnesses allow for user productivity and flexibility, while effectively protecting them against falls. Advanced Roof Safety offers multipurpose fall arrest harnesses designed for use in specific industries, with tool carrying options also being possible. When you count on Advanced Roof Safety, you can be sure your fall arrest system will perform reliably and as needed.

Purlin Mount Anchor Point

One of the most popular and relied-upon products at Advanced Roof Safety is the Purlin mount anchor point. The Purlin mount anchor point can be used as a fall arrest and a rope access anchor point, effortlessly installed on any corrugated roof by the professionals at Advanced Roof Safety. The Purlin mount anchor point provides fall arrest and safe rope access for workers performing maintenance on windows, gutters, building facades and roof equipment, and is available as part of a complete static line system from Advanced Roof Safety.

Static Line Safety Systems

Working at height is always going to carry a degree of risk. That is why, when planning any project or job that requires elevated work to be completed, prevention and protection are among the first things that must be considered and accounted for.

We are proud to be a trusted name when it comes to the supply of safety anchor points across Melbourne, providing our customers with the equipment they need to make their upcoming construction project as safe as possible.

Our static line safety systems will help to ensure that your construction site meets the high Australian workplace safety standard and guidelines, and will allow all workers to go about the job at hand without issue. These systems can be attached to lightweight structures while still securing several workers. They are built to last and are weather resistant, made from durable materials that deliver dependable and reliable protection.

Advanced Roof Safety supplies both wall and top mount static lines, allowing our customers to find the right equipment to meet the specific demands and needs of any work site.

For more information on our available static line safety systems, as well as all other in-demand safety anchor points, Melbourne customers can contact our expert team today.

Concrete Mount Static Line

The concrete mount static line system can be installed directly into concrete structures and structural members, allowing for safe access to roof areas, safe installation or maintenance of equipment near a fall zone, and continuous connection to areas that require regular access. Advanced Roof Safety offers concrete mount static lines as part of a complete static line system – simply contact us to find out more.

Roof Anchor Point Installation

Roof anchor points are used as part of static line safety systems involving harnesses or lanyards. Advanced Roof Safety installs both permanent and temporary roof anchor points, allowing you to best protect your employees from fall hazards. A properly installed roof anchor point suspends a worker if they fall, preventing impact at a lower level. Roof anchor points can also be used as part of a rope access system, allowing for fall protection where conventional methods are not applicable, such as where workers need to traverse ropes while suspended in the air.

For complete peace of mind in your fall arrest system, turn to Advanced Roof Safety for your roof anchor point installation Melbourne-wide.

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