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Height Safety Inspections and Recertification

AS/NZS1891.4 outlines the selection, safe use and maintenance of industrial fall arrest systems and devices (safety harnesses, horizontal lifelines, and rails, fall arrest devices and associated lanyards, connectors, anchorages, and fittings) designed for use in restraint technique, limited free fall and free-fall applications.

Maintenance covers the requirements and the recommendations for inspection, storage, servicing and cleaning of the equipment.

AS/NZS 1891 also requires that all personal use equipment (harness, lanyard, connectors, and fall arrest devices) and common use equipment (ropes, slings, fall arrest devices and mobile attachment devices) are also inspected by the user before and after each use.

The table below (used with permission under licence agreement) details the frequency of inspections. Anchor points, horizontal static lines, vertical lines and abseil points typically require inspection (and load testing if concrete fixed) every 12 months. Harness equipment requires inspection every 6 months and before/after each use.

Advanced Roof Safety auditors and inspectors are competent to inspect and certify the above systems in accordance with AS/NZS 1891.4.

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Anchor Point Certification

To ensure reliable performance, anchor points must be regularly assessed by professionals for compliance. Advanced Roof Safety offer anchor point certification to worksites of all descriptions, which involves a thorough assessment of your worksite’s safety protocol and maintenance of equipment such as your roof anchor points and static line systems.

Anchor Point Certification and Recertification

Along with our supply and installation services Advanced Roof Safety can also supply reputable, dedicated, and industry-compliant inspection, certification, and recertification, of your existing fall prevention installations. Taking into account all of your particular roof safety systems we can ensure that your anchor points remain compliant to Australian Standards.

For lasting peace of mind when working from heights look no further than the exceptional solutions on offer from the experts at Advanced Roof Safety. To learn more about our thorough and focused approach to anchor points, top mount static lines and wall mount static lines, please feel free to call us directly on 1300 738 052.

Inspection and Recertification

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