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Skylight Protectors

Skylight Protection

A fall through a skylight can have devastating consequences, resulting in severe injuries or even death, as well as posing a risk to those inside the building. Advanced Roof Safety are the leaders in skylight protection, accommodating to various skylight protection needs. Skylights come in a number of different designs and sizes, with Advanced Roof Safety endeavouring to create a skylight protection solution for all applications. By obtaining skylight protection from Advanced Roof Safety, you can ensure that maintenance personnel conducting work on your rooftop are completely safe throughout the duration of their job.

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Flat Skylight Protector

Advanced Roof Safety provide and install flat skylight protectors that fit skylights of a sleek nature. This range includes simple mesh flat skylight protectors to extra-secure framed skylight protectors. As we use mesh in the design of our flat and raised skylight protectors, light and visibility will not be impaired for those within the building. To determine the best design for the style of skylight that you have, simply contact Advanced Roof Safety today.

Raised Skylight Protector

Advanced Roof Safety also offer raised skylight protectors for buildings that are higher in dimension. Skylights can become brittle with age, making it especially important to secure your skylight with the appropriate protection. High raised skylight protectors with railings are also available for added safety and peace of mind.

Too often, skylight protection can be overlooked when securing your premises. Be proactive about the safety of your employees and contractors by securing your skylights and prevent serious injuries or even fatalities.

To determine whether your existing skylight protector is compliant or understand what protection you should be installing on your rooftop, simply reach out to Advanced Roof Safety, the skylight protection experts.

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