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Cooling Towers Platform Melbourne

Stay safe when working from all heights thanks to the innovative and affordable height safety solutions offered by Advanced Roof Safety. Since 2005 our fully-qualified and reputable team have gone above and beyond to ensure that working sites and environments across Melbourne’s metropolitan area and throughout Victoria are safe and compliant. Our installations comply with all with WorkSafe Compliance Codes OH&S Acts and Regulations requirements.

Advanced Roof Safety have installed a large number of cooling tower access platforms and also rectified non-compliant access ladders. All cooling tower access platforms are designed to provide safe access for routine and non-routine maintenance without the risk of a fall from height. Our experienced team have worked around cooling towers for many years and understand what is required for safe access.

Advanced Roof Safety can also conduct detailed and thorough assessments and safety inspections of cooling tower platforms. Melbourne property owners and managers can be assured of the condition and safety of their cooling tower access.

Committed to reducing the risk of injury to workers across Victoria, business owners and property managers in Melbourne and the surrounding areas can trust Advanced Roof Safety to help keep them safe when working at height. To find out more about the benefits of our detailed solutions call a member of our team today on 1300 738 052.

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Roof Access Platform

When conducting work on cooling towers, a stable and secure roof access platform is essential. Advanced Roof Safety offer roof access platforms Melbourne-wide, specialising in the installation of roof access platforms on cooling towers. Featuring slip-resistant surfaces, our roof access platforms provide a safe area for personnel to complete essential maintenance and service checks.

In applications such as cooling towers where regular maintenance is important, roof access platforms play an essential role in your maintenance workers’ safety. Designed with stability and grip in mind, workers will be able to safely carry out their necessary works with complete peace of mind, even when working at potentially fatal heights.

In addition to fabricating roof access platforms, Advanced Roof Safety also complete flawless installations of our access platforms to ensure total compliance.

Parapet Crossover Platform

Parapet crossover platforms enable safe access across rooftops, avoiding the risk of a slip or fall and roof damage.

Midway Rest Platform

A mid-way rest platform is essential where a ladder exceeds 6 metres in height in order to comply with AS 1657.

Advanced Roof Safety can provide technical advice and install a compliant safe rest platform after a detailed review of the access requirements.

Custom Designed AC Unit Platform To Suit Your Buildings Needs

Are you looking to design and construct an AC unit platform for your building? At Advanced Roof Safety, our qualified and highly knowledgeable team are the experts you can trust to build a proper air conditioner platform that is fully compliant with all necessary safety standards and regulations.

Safely Built FCU Access Platform

When it comes to building a platform that will give you safe FCU access, Advanced Roof Safety are here to help. An FCU, or fan coil unit, is essentially a system that uses a coil to both heat and cool a space. With over 15 years of experience constructing air conditioning unit platforms across Melbourne, our team can help build a safe FCU access for your building.

Easy To Use Fire Damper Access For Emergencies

As one of the most vital components for heating, HVAC and ventilation systems, a fire damper will ensure you have access to your systems during an emergency. At Advanced Roof Safety, our team can custom design a fire damper access for your building or warehouse, protecting your space for the future.

High Quality HVAC / Plant Platforms For Buildings Both Big & Small

Let the fully qualified team here at Advanced Roof Safety design and install the right HVAC platform for your building today. As one of the best ways to access the roof of a large building or warehouse safely, plant platforms will redirect loads to the structure of the building, rather than the actual roof itself.

To find out more about our high-quality HVAC platforms, please give our experts a call on 1300 738 052.

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