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Roof Access Ladders

Roof Access Ladder In Melbourne

Committed to improving working environments across Melbourne and Victoria the skilled and fully qualified safety experts at Advanced Roof Safety have the resources, skills, and qualifications to ensure that workers have direct and reliable access to the roof of your building. Since 2005 our passionate and professional team have delivered unmatched and personalised advice and guidance to our clients across all industries.

Along with our detailed and self-explanatory quotes, our team also possess the ability to conduct detailed inspections of existing equipment and installations, including fixed roof access ladders, located throughout Melbourne and beyond. Thanks to our methodical approach our focused team can ensure that your fixed roof access ladders are compliant to AS 1657, appropriate for their intended task, have been secured correctly and retain their structural integrity.

To take advantage of our high quality and safe, Australian Standards compliant fixed access ladder installations call us directly on 1300 738 052.

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Roof Access Equipment for Safe Roof Access

At Advanced Roof Safety we strive to provide safe roof access to all our valued clients. As a part of this desire we can conduct thorough and detailed fixed roof access ladder installations throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area. Our fixed roof access ladder installations come with a number of additions to suit your needs including cages, platforms, and lockable gates for increased security and access control.

With a fixed roof access ladder, personnel can easily access everything from the ground level to the rooftop. Walkways can even be installed for safe access between fixed roof access ladders as part of our complete roof access systems.

Thanks to our industry leading roof access systems Sydney and Melbourne building managers and businessowners can ensure their team is safe when conducting work on rooftops.

Fold Down Ladder

Advanced Roof Safety offer fold down ladders with soft-close technology to allow for increased user safety and smart utilisation of space. By installing a fold down ladder, service personnel can access the roof areas they require even when space is limited.

Industrial Platform Ladder

Industrial safety ladders allow technicians to safely carry out their work with a platform to act as additional support, a resting place or a place to put down tools. Ensure complete user peace of mind by obtaining your industrial platform ladder from Advanced Roof Safety.

Cage Ladders

By installing a cage ladder at your premises, you can create a safe and permanent access point for employees and contractors to reach the rooftop of your building. Advanced Roof Safety can also provide lockable cage ladders to prevent unauthorised access to your building.

Roof Pull Down Ladders

Advanced Roof Safety also offer roof pull down ladders Melbourne-wide, allowing for quick access to roof cavities and rooftops, while not taking up valuable floor space.

Portable Ladder

Portable ladders need to be designed with stability and safety in mind, due to their temporary and flexible nature. Advanced Roof Safety not only supply portable ladders, but also perform inspections to ensure your workplace is fully compliant with Australian standards. Advanced Roof Safety also offer portable and compact step ladders for access where you need it, when you need it.

Rung Ladder

Install a rung ladder from Advanced Roof Safety to your premises today to enjoy quick yet secure access to different levels and rooftops. Speak to us today to obtain your own rung ladder, step ladder or any other roof access ladder.

Vertical Cage & Static Line Ladder

For permanent access to a rooftop, consider a vertical static line ladder or a vertical caged ladder from Advanced Roof Safety.Lines are provided so users can safely attach themselves to the ladder solution, as well as vertical cage ladders which further minimise the impact of a fall.

HVAC access ladder or Plant Access Ladder

Access the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit above your building with ease by installing a properly designed HVAC access ladder today. From apartment buildings, warehouses to plant access ladder solutions, our fully-qualified team here at Advanced Roof Safety can design and install the right ladder that suits all your safety needs and specifications.

To find out more about our roof access ladder systems or other roof access equipment, please feel free to give Advanced Roof Safety a call today.

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